Food Drive Area Details

September 28 – East Side of the Trent River

East of Trent River to the West Side of CFB Boundaries

  • South Side of Dixon Drive
    – East from Ontario Street as far as Flindall Road, South from Dixon Drive to Dundas Street East and Bay Street.
  • North Side of Dixon Drive
    – East from Marmora and Pacific Streets to Nelles Avenue and as far North as Kidd and Connolly Avenues.
    – East from West and Sidney Streets to Ireland and Graham Roads and as far North as Marchen and Staikos Crescents.
  • Hamilton Road & Lester Roads West and East Side as far as St. Hilarie #129
  • Kenron Estates – North Side of Old Hwy 2, about 1 km east of Bayside (opposite Connon’s Nursery).
  • Burns Ave. & Stonecrest Blvd. – North Side of old Hwy 2 about 1 km east of Aikens Road and Bayside High School

October 5 – West Side of the Trent River

West of Trent River to the East Side of 2nd Dug Hill Road

  • South Side of Dundas Street West
    – from Crews Crescent & Parkview Heights) East to Queen St. and South as far as Coulter Crescent off Dufferin Avenue (Prince Charles School)|
  • North Side Dundas St. West
    – from Hastings Drive to Fourth Avenue West Side as far North as McAuley Drive.
    – from Fourth Ave. East Side to First Ave. South as far as King Street – McColl St. East to Queen Street and North as far as Joseph Street.
    – from Metcalfe Street at South End off North Front Street as far North as Water Street, Wooler Road and East & West Davis Streets.
  • Pine Acres – North of Trenton – off Hwy #33.
  • Barry Heights from Webb Road, Orchard Lane and South Side of Telephone Road East.
  • Barry Heights from Hillcrest Lane East to Byrne Ave. and North Side of Telephone Road East.
  • Pine Marsh Lane & Telephone Road West up to Helyer Road #52 – West off Cty Rd. 40 North
  • Brookshire Meadows, West Side off 2nd Dug Hill Road – North off Hwy 2 West.
  • Apple Grove Acres on Little Farm Blvd – North off Hwy 2 West – just past 2nd Dug Hill Road.
  • York Subdivision – South Side of Hwy 2 West -just past County Road 40.
  • Kingfisher Cove- East off Hwy 33 South (directly opposite County Road #40 South End) & Old Carrying Place Road to 12 O’Clock Point Road -West off Hwy 33 South (Roseland Acres is –    East on opposite side.)
  • Roseland Acres & Princess Lane in Carrying Place – East off Hwy 33 South